The Energy of the Soul – Painting the Living Model



Often underestimated by neophytes, living models of all sizes, nationalities and ages have exceptional fitness and concentration to be able to hold the pose without moving for long periods of times.


The best living models transmit an unmatched energy, drawing or painting them is one of the greatest challenges for artists of all times. Painting the living model is an exercise of complete trust between the model and the artist – It’s an art in and of itself!



This exhibition is a recognition of the talent, inspiration, passion, patience and resilience of living models. Without them, we would not be able to create.  These muses allow us to surpass ourselves.


I paint models according to the energy and inspiration of the moment much like meditation.  This well illustrates my creative process that I integrate into my art practice where I dedicate 4 hours a week to live model work, in addition to the hours that I devote to painting. The poses are 2, 5, 10 and 20 minutes and capture the essence and energy transmitted between the living model and the painter.


The works of art presented in this solo exhibition are the result of my artistic explorations in 2018.



As a painter-practitioner, I currently define my style by focusing on the value of the representation that resides in the intensity of expression. My art creations represent two trends – the first is abstract without reference, the second is the figure . Generally, colour dominates in both cases as well as in my tendency to combine the two. By bringing these together, I combine my visions and my feelings.


My creative process is one of spontaneity, impulse and letting go to culminate in the creative act. Colour dominates my works where forms and values serve to tell the story. With additions and removals of the matter, I sculpt the picture and suggest fragility and emotion.


I favour the strength of composition and the essence of light, symbolism of the triumph of freedom and hope.